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Since 6th Aug 2010 , I've posted news updates of BREAKERZ via my LJ & in the process , from humble beginnings , my LJ has become a 1 stop place when comes to anything everything related to BREAKERZ .

In the past , everything I post about the guys be it news , download of their music & scans were all locked but after my 1st Mediafire account been suspended , from now onwards , I'm going to post news about them in a non Friends setting aka viewable for everyone to read , regardless if you add me or didn't .

However , certain selective posts will be locked such as team brz related updates , scans of material & etc .

In addition , regarding downloadable material of them (be it scans , music , videos & etc) , I will not be posting the links on my LJ now as I suspect because of doing this , leechers repost those links of mine to other places which caused my Mediafire account to get suspended .

So what I will do for this , for future downloadable material , I will upload them via Sendspace but the catch's that , I will be personally giving the links to people that I feel I'm able to trust . I've already done that for HQ scans so it's kind of a natural step for me to do this .

I thought by password protecting my files , I was able to get away with things but I was so wrong & I don't want to come to a situation where I stopped posting updates of BREAKERZ as this has been something I enjoy doing for the past 3 years or so .

But regardless of which , stick around , you will be in for a really fun joyride & when comes to BREAKERZ , anything goes seriously xD

UPDATE - 8th May 2013

All scans will be made Public now , with the catch that all scans I personally done/edit/resize/upload in my LJ , they will all contain watermarks .

However certain material such as team brz related stuff , will continue to be locked as per normal .


UPDATE - 28th July 2013

My only main rule when comes to reposting of my own scans elsewhere on the net :

Please kindly CREDIT me should you wish to distribute the scans elsewhere on the internet . Some ungrateful people at times have absolutely no idea how much time if not effort I have to spend to get the scans done/edit/watermarked/uploaded in my LiveJournal .

Even if that's not done , all the scans are watermarked by me to indicate to any internet passerby that I'm the 1 that did the following set of scans at the end of the day .

UPDATE - 5th December 2015

LiveJournal doesn't allow me to create anymore tags as I've reached the 1,200 limit that they've set ahahaha xD

But I will still continue to update my LiveJournal as it's , tagless or not x)
Karen Pang
The guys will perform Yume Monogatari on next week's live broadcast of MUSIC STATION !

・Hey! Say! JUMP「Ultra Special Medley」(Ultra Music Power / 真夜中のシャドーボーイ / Your Seed)


Ah so awesome , I wished the guys perform a special 10th anniversary medley instead but I should not complain x)

Either way , psyched!
Karen Pang
SHINPEI wearing the BREAKERZ Debut 10th Anniversary 【BREAKERZ X】 BIG T-shirt


The BIG T-shirt actually looks good but not the ¥5,500 price tag , LOL
Karen Pang
BREAKERZ Debut 10th Anniversary 【BREAKERZ X】 MEMORY took place last Sat at Tokyo's Toyosu PIT & for the 1st time , fans were allowed to take photos during the concert using their handphones (which they're encouraged to post online) but recording of footages was not allowed .

As expected , there were TONS of photos posted online and the handful of shots I've found on Twitter is only scratching the surface as I'm sure there're a lot more posted on Facebook , Instagram , Tumblr & etc .

Some of the photos that fans took were well taken & are on par if not better than professional taken shots .

Photos galoreCollapse )
Karen Pang

BREAKERZ will be releasing their 10th anniversary commemorative album (currently untitled) in October.

According to reports, the special album will include "Fans' Select Best" as the track list will be based on the fans' votes, and they are currently accepting votes on their official site. You can pick three songs amongst BREAKERZ' songs in your vote.

In addition, the band also announced that they would kick off a nationwide tour "BREAKERZ LIVE TOUR 2017" starting in October. They will make stops in 11 different locations.

More details on the new album will be revealed later on.

Karen Pang
Throwback to 2009 SHINPEI xD


Ahhh so nostalgic , back when SHINPEI's hair colour kept changing for every new release of theirs , LOL

SHINPEI said he was working on the guys' Oct's 10th anniversary special album today & FIGHTERZ to me is still no doubt their best album to date :)

Another shot of SHINPEI wearing the outfit he from Sun's BREAKERZ Debut 10th Anniversary 【BREAKERZ X】 PROMISE

Karen Pang
19 July 2017 @ 06:20 pm
Last update - 19th July

The guys with Dream Ami


From DAM CHANNEL's Instagram



DAM CHANNEL TV uploaded 3:35 minute clip via their YouTube account that featured Dream Ami interviewing the guys


In addition , Karaoke DAM will broadcast footages of the guys that appear on DAM CHANNEL TV nationwide within Japan from 9th - 31st July .

Karen Pang
Next Tue / 25th July is the guys' 10th anniversary debut date & to celebrate this milestone , Nico Nama will be broadcasting a BREAKERZ 10th anniversary debut 10 hour special show .

Programme schedule :

12pm - 9pm ~ broadcast of the guys' PVs & live footages (from their past concerts & tours)
9pm - 10pm ~ BREAKERZ will appear live on the show & throw a birthday party with Nico Nama viewers

All timings are in Japan time .


Reminds me of the time when the guys did something similar for GO as well (having non stop broadcast of their PVs + live footages before they came on Nico Nama to discuss about the album) but wahoo can't wait :D