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Since 6th Aug 2010 , I've posted news updates of BREAKERZ via my LJ & in the process , from humble beginnings , my LJ has become a 1 stop place when comes to anything everything related to BREAKERZ .

In the past , everything I post about the guys be it news , download of their music & scans were all locked but after my 1st Mediafire account been suspended , from now onwards , I'm going to post news about them in a non Friends setting aka viewable for everyone to read , regardless if you add me or didn't .

However , certain selective posts will be locked such as team brz related updates , scans of material & etc .

In addition , regarding downloadable material of them (be it scans , music , videos & etc) , I will not be posting the links on my LJ now as I suspect because of doing this , leechers repost those links of mine to other places which caused my Mediafire account to get suspended .

So what I will do for this , for future downloadable material , I will upload them via Sendspace but the catch's that , I will be personally giving the links to people that I feel I'm able to trust . I've already done that for HQ scans so it's kind of a natural step for me to do this .

I thought by password protecting my files , I was able to get away with things but I was so wrong & I don't want to come to a situation where I stopped posting updates of BREAKERZ as this has been something I enjoy doing for the past 3 years or so .

But regardless of which , stick around , you will be in for a really fun joyride & when comes to BREAKERZ , anything goes seriously xD

UPDATE - 8th May 2013

All scans will be made Public now , with the catch that all scans I personally done/edit/resize/upload in my LJ , they will all contain watermarks .

However certain material such as team brz related stuff , will continue to be locked as per normal .


UPDATE - 28th July 2013

My only main rule when comes to reposting of my own scans elsewhere on the net :

Please kindly CREDIT me should you wish to distribute the scans elsewhere on the internet . Some ungrateful people at times have absolutely no idea how much time if not effort I have to spend to get the scans done/edit/watermarked/uploaded in my LiveJournal .

Even if that's not done , all the scans are watermarked by me to indicate to any internet passerby that I'm the 1 that did the following set of scans at the end of the day .

UPDATE - 5th December 2015

LiveJournal doesn't allow me to create anymore tags as I've reached the 1,200 limit that they've set ahahaha xD

But I will still continue to update my LiveJournal as it's , tagless or not x)
Karen Pang
This photo is not included in today's blog entry of SHINPEI's



SHINPEI talked about MUSCLE ATTACK doing recording with M&M . He & HIDEHIRO are so passionate when they do recording , LOL
Karen Pang
These photos are not included in today's blog entry of SHINPEI's



SHINPEI today talked about the collaboration CD that MUSCLE ATTACK is doing with M&M .

And also , SHINPEI did recording today


Karen Pang
MUSCLE ATTACK + M&M have joined forces and both will be going on tour together in November .

Today details of a special MUSCLE ATTACK × M & M collaboration CD has been released

Collaboration CD - Hallelujah!! / MUSCLE ATTACK x M & M
word & music: SHINPEI & MATSU
Price: ¥500 (tax included)

Hallelujah!! can only be purchased at the 3 concert dates of MUSCLE ATTACK × M&M special collaboration tour ~MMM~ . For now there're no plans for the CD to be sold online .

Karen Pang
27 September 2016 @ 09:23 pm
All icons were kindly made by a friend

Karen Pang
1st week - #6 ; 12,598
2nd week - #36 ; 2,109
3rd week - #44 ; 1,098
4th week - #87 ; 720
5th week - #93 ; 453
6th week - #139 ; 340

Stopped charting at the last week of July

Recharted back again this week

7th week - #99 ; 555

Total 7 week sales - 17,873


K S K has officially outsold BUTTERFLY / Ima Aitakute ... total sales & it's now DAIGO's best selling solo release , after debut solo single Itsumo Dakishimete / Mugen ∞REBIRTH .
Karen Pang
These photos are not included in today's blog entry of SHINPEI's

ニコニコ動画「channel iMagic.」より隔週日曜日放送のイメトーークに、MUSCLE ATTACKがゲスト出演します。


MUSCLE ATTACK will appear on iMagic's Nico Nico Nama show channel iMagic. as a guest on 2nd Oct at 8pm Japan time .

SHINPEI attended a meeting today



SHINPEI also had Yakitori with Aoki Yutaka


Karen Pang
26 September 2016 @ 09:48 pm
DAIGO's K S K has re-charted back Oricon and charted at #18 yesterday


Guess the 2nd round of mini live & handshake events are helping . At this rate , K S K will be DAIGO's best charting release to date , solo wise .
Karen Pang


DAIGO / 山内惠介


DAIGO will appear on NHK Nodo Jiman this coming Sun and he will perform K S K during the show .
Karen Pang