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Since 6th Aug 2010 , I've posted news updates of BREAKERZ via my LJ & in the process , from humble beginnings , my LJ has become a 1 stop place when comes to anything everything related to BREAKERZ .

In the past , everything I post about the guys be it news , download of their music & scans were all locked but after my 1st Mediafire account been suspended , from now onwards , I'm going to post news about them in a non Friends setting aka viewable for everyone to read , regardless if you add me or didn't .

However , certain selective posts will be locked such as team brz related updates , scans of material & etc .

In addition , regarding downloadable material of them (be it scans , music , videos & etc) , I will not be posting the links on my LJ now as I suspect because of doing this , leechers repost those links of mine to other places which caused my Mediafire account to get suspended .

So what I will do for this , for future downloadable material , I will upload them via Sendspace but the catch's that , I will be personally giving the links to people that I feel I'm able to trust . I've already done that for HQ scans so it's kind of a natural step for me to do this .

I thought by password protecting my files , I was able to get away with things but I was so wrong & I don't want to come to a situation where I stopped posting updates of BREAKERZ as this has been something I enjoy doing for the past 3 years or so .

But regardless of which , stick around , you will be in for a really fun joyride & when comes to BREAKERZ , anything goes seriously xD

UPDATE - 8th May 2013

All scans will be made Public now , with the catch that all scans I personally done/edit/resize/upload in my LJ , they will all contain watermarks .

However certain material such as team brz related stuff , will continue to be locked as per normal .


UPDATE - 28th July 2013

My only main rule when comes to reposting of my own scans elsewhere on the net :

Please kindly CREDIT me should you wish to distribute the scans elsewhere on the internet . Some ungrateful people at times have absolutely no idea how much time if not effort I have to spend to get the scans done/edit/watermarked/uploaded in my LiveJournal .

Even if that's not done , all the scans are watermarked by me to indicate to any internet passerby that I'm the 1 that did the following set of scans at the end of the day .

UPDATE - 5th December 2015

LiveJournal doesn't allow me to create anymore tags as I've reached the 1,200 limit that they've set ahahaha xD

But I will still continue to update my LiveJournal as it's , tagless or not x)
Karen Pang
My friends in the guys' fandom sent me a big parcel today .

Among the items in the parcel

BREAKERZ LIVE TOUR 2013 “BEST” -HALL COLLECTION- gachagacha earphone jack accessory
Karen Pang
Last update - 20th Feb


2/27(火)19:00~20:00 フジテレビNEXT「Takanori Music Revolution
※ゲスト出演 ; guest appearance


Takanori Music Revolution is probably the show that the guys were doing shooting yesterday ?
Karen Pang
The 3rd instalment of BREAKERZ 10 Shunen 10ban Shoubu -VS- took place on Sat at Osaka's Zepp Namba .

This time round , SID took the stage together with BREAKERZ .

News sites have already published photos from the concert & same as before , for BREAKERZ's case , just 1 photo featuring the guys was taken during the collaboration encore

Just like the 1st 2 instalments of BREAKERZ 10 Shunen 10ban Shoubu -VS- , both SID & BREAKERZ collaborated together onstage for 2 songs (SID's Uso & BREAKERZ's SUMMER PARTY)

Karen Pang
SHINPEI updated his blog today & he talked about last night's 3rd instalment of BREAKERZ 10 Shunen 10ban Shoubu -VS-

This photo is not included in today's blog entry of SHINPEI's ; http://yaplog.jp/brzshinpei/archive/3411

Karen Pang
Last update - 19th Feb

From Oishi Masahiro's Instagram , he works as a Maverick / DC Group representative


The 3rd BREAKERZ 10 Shunen 10ban Shoubu -VS- took place today at Osaka's Zepp Namba .

For today , SID performed with (against) BREAKERZ .

BREAKERZ's standalone setlist

1) WE GO
3) 幾千の迷宮で 幾千の謎を解いて ; Ikusen no Meikyuu de Ikusen no Nazo wo Toite
6) 世界は踊る ; Sekai wa Odoru
7) She Is Devil (written/performed specially for today)
8) 硝子の瞳 ; Glass no Hitomi (SID) ; short snippet
9) ひとりじめ ; Hitori Jime (Sing together with SID's Mao)
10) REAL LOVE (2010)
11) 灼熱 ; Shakunetsu

Collaboration Encore

12) 嘘 ; Uso (SID)


Hahahahaha , BREAKERZ did REAL LOVE (2010) again xD . My sister was quite annoyed that they sang Sekai wa Odoru cos she so wanted them to perform the song when we went for the 1st instalment :x

Great to see BIG BANG ! & BUNNY LOVE on the setlist . The guys frankly should performed BIG BANG ! 1st followed by WE GO .

Also , really surprised to see Hitori Jime on the setlist especially since the 1st/last time this song was done , it was almost 3 years ago which DAIGO sang it with SID's Mao during their Collabo BANG! concert :O ; http://minlilin.livejournal.com/1482244.html

And it's cool for the guys to sing a snippet of SID's Glass no Hitomi (even though I'm not really a fan of the song that much) .

Lastly , love the songs that were performed during the collaboration encore . I'm not surprised both bands did SID's Uso together as I already had a feeling they would , it was either that or maybe Monochrome no Kiss x)

PhotosCollapse )
Karen Pang
Staff member mi updated the staff blog today which mi included a photo taken onstage on 4th Feb during the 2nd instalment of BREAKERZ 10 Shunen 10ban Shoubu -VS- .

The 2nd instalment featured AAA's SKY-HI & the joint concert took place at Zepp Tokyo


mi also mentioned about tomorrow's 3rd instalment of BREAKERZ 10 Shunen 10ban Shoubu -VS- that will feature SID & it will be held at Osaka's Zepp Namba .
Karen Pang
BREAKERZ did rehearsals today for this Sat's 3rd instalment of BREAKERZ 10 Shunen 10ban Shoubu -VS- , according to SHINPEI

Karen Pang

A trading card randomly allocated from 4 designs & this only applies to the CD Regular edition of Ikusen no Meikyuu de Ikusen no Nazo wo Toite .