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Karen Pang


Since 6th Aug 2010 , I've posted news updates of BREAKERZ via my LiveJournal & in the process , from humble beginnings , my LiveJournal has become a 1 stop place when comes to anything everything related to BREAKERZ .

In the past , everything I post about the guys be it news , download of their music & scans were all locked but after my 1st Mediafire account been suspended , from now onwards , I'm going to post news about them in a non Friends setting aka viewable for everyone to read , regardless if you add me or didn't .

However , I still lock certain selective posts .

In addition , regarding downloadable material of them (be it scans , music , videos & etc) , I will not be posting the links on my LiveJournal now as I suspect because of doing this , leechers repost those links of mine to other places which caused my Mediafire account to get suspended .

So what I will do for this , for future downloadable material , I will upload them via Sendspace , Mega and/or Mexashare but the catch's that , I will be personally giving the links to people that I feel I'm able to trust . I've already done that for HQ scans so it's kind of a natural step for me to do this .

I thought by password protecting my files , I was able to get away with things but I was so wrong & I don't want to come to a situation where I stopped posting updates of BREAKERZ as this has been something I enjoy doing since Aug 2010 .

But regardless of which , stick around , you will be in for a really fun joyride & when comes to BREAKERZ , anything goes seriously xD

UPDATE - 8th May 2013

All scans will be made Public now , with the catch that all scans I personally done/edit/resize/upload in my LJ , they will all contain watermarks .

However certain material such as team brz related stuff , will continue to be locked as per normal .


UPDATE - 28th July 2013

My only main rule when comes to reposting of my own scans elsewhere on the net :

Please kindly CREDIT me should you wish to distribute the scans elsewhere on the internet . Some ungrateful people at times have absolutely no idea how much time if not effort I have to spend to get the scans done/edit/watermarked/uploaded in my LiveJournal .

Even if that's not done , all the scans are watermarked by me to indicate to any internet passerby that I'm the 1 that did the following set of scans at the end of the day .
Karen Pang
19 April 2019 @ 10:46 pm
SHINPEI wrote on Instagram that the guys today did radio recording for DAIGO's OHAYO-WISH!! radio show .

The radio broadcast that features the guys will be aired on 3rd May .

SHINPEI posed besides the autographed A guitar signed by DAIGO which he used in the Ohta's Isan A Tablet CM :

SHINPEI posed besides a life sized DAIGO ; Ohta's Isan A Tablet CM cut out :

SHINPEI's Instagram

Karen Pang
18 April 2019 @ 09:26 pm
From Yokoyama Ryo's Twitter :

昨日のニコニコ生放送「【 DAIGO P 】~DAIGOがアナタのおもちゃ!!!~」ご視聴頂きありがとうございました!

Karen Pang
17 April 2019 @ 10:52 pm
Actor Yokoyama Ryo was the guest for tonight / this month's episode of DAIGO P & it was also the last DAIGO P broadcasted during the Heisei era before the new Reiwa era will be ushered in next month .

Yokoyama Ryo is colleagues with DAIGO as both of them are technically managed by the same talent agency .

As expected even though DAIGO had his colleague on the show , it was chaotic & the main thing that was dominating this month's DAIGO P was rapping which both guys were doing so much of it o_O

And most of the time DAIGO was egging Yokoyama to do which he looked natural doing it unlike DAIGO xD

It was so bad until the Nico Nama staff were laughing at both of their rapping antics from start until finish =____=

Seeing DAIGO rap reminds me of the stupid P.A.R.M Scramble 'song' he created years ago when he was a regular during Waratte Iitomo! , +_+

Among the photos shared on this month's DAIGO P were this :

DAIGO wore a Yomiuri Giants T-shirt

PenPen the penguin that DAIGO used to take care years ago

PenPen is so big now o_o

Birthday cake sent to DAIGO from Ohta's Isan A Tablet

Blurry shot taken onstage during BREAKERZ LIVE 2019 ~Heisei Saigo no DAIGO's BIRTHDAY~

Lastly from DAIGO's Twitter with DAIGO promoting Yokoyama's 1st solo photobook :


平成最後のDAIGO P!









Yokoyama's response :

ありがとうございました!平成最後のゲストとして呼んで頂けて光栄です。僕もガタガタ言わないで精一杯頑張り続けます😂 今後ともよろしくお願い致します!m(_ _)m


Lol Yokoyama is too polite :p

1st DAIGO P episode that will be aired in the new Reiwa era will take place on 20th May .
Karen Pang

Frankly not surprised about this as Tokyo's Shibuya WWW can only accommodate 400 fans but great for BREAKERZ :)
Karen Pang
Actor Yokoyama Ryo will be the guest for tonight / this month's episode of DAIGO P


Yokoyama is colleagues with DAIGO as both of them are technically managed by the same talent agency .

For Yokoyama , A-Team managed him while A-Plus manages DAIGO .
Karen Pang
Being today announced that FM Odawara (87.9MHz) will change its broadcast of BREAKERZ・SHINPEI no Kin Niku no Midare wa Kokoro no Midare! starting from this month onwards .

New details are indicated in bold :

Maebashi CITY FM (84.5 MHz)

1st broadcast - every 1st Thurs of the month , 9pm to 9.30pm
Repeat broadcast - every 2nd Thurs of the month , 9pm to 9.30pm

FM Odawara (87.9MHz)

Old broadcast time :

1st broadcast - every 3rd Sun of the month , 5pm to 5.30pm

New broadcast time :

1st broadcast - every 3rd Tue of the month , 12am to 12.30am

Repeat broadcast - every 4th Tue of the month , 12am to 12.30am

Karen Pang
MUSCLE ATTACK & other artistes will be performing at THE WASTED SHOUT IT LOUD!! Release Tour :

8th June 2019 (Sat)
Venue : Tokyo's Shinjuku club SCIENCE
Doors open : 5.30pm / Concert starts : 6pm

Performers :

■ THE Hitch Lowke

Hello,Good Evening will be the opening act for the concert while a special guest will be announced on 26th May .

Ticket cost : early bird - ¥3,500 / on 8th June itself - ¥3,800

※ Separate fee is required to pay for a drink
※ BREAKERZ's fanclub team brz will not open ticket balloting for THE WASTED SHOUT IT LOUD!! Release Tour
※ e+ will open general ticket balloting from 20th April onwards

Karen Pang



The Twitter user wrote that the supermarket is selling each pack of Yonekyu Corp.'s Gotemba Kogen Arabiki Pork sausages for 298 Yen each :p
Karen Pang
15 April 2019 @ 01:04 pm
SHINPEI provided live guitar support for knotlamp at GREED ISLAND 6 yesterday .

GREED ISLAND 6 began last month at Osaka & the 2nd league of the event took place last Sun in Nagoya and it concluded yesterday in Tokyo .

Photos that SHINPEI posted online :

With vocalist/guitarist KEIT :


Other musicians who provided live support for knotlamp :

SHINPEI's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BwQrVClF84t/
Karen Pang
DAIGO was featured on today's 3 hours special episode of Tensai ! Shimura Dobusten & today's episode was to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the show's broadcast .

For DAIGO , he reunited with PenPen the penguin for the 1st time in 9 years at Kanagawa's Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park :







How time files :O
Karen Pang
Excite Music today published an article which talked about the various songs that had been used to promote Detective Conan for the past 25 years since it started .

And this applied to the still ongoing anime and also for the animated movies as well .

For starters , Excite Music wrote down the list of who were the top 3 artistes that provided the most amount of songs that were used to promote Detective Conan :

1st - Kuraki Mai ; 25 times
2nd - B'z / GARNET CROW ; 11 times each 
3rd - BREAKERZ / ZARD ; 8 times each

BREAKERZ tied with ZARD for providing 8 songs from their discography to promote the Detective Conan anime .

Excite Music next broke down how many times each of the artiste' songs were used as opening and/or ending no.s for the anime & also for the animated movies :

For BREAKERZ's case , they provided 4 songs as opening themes & 4 songs as ending themes for the anime and none for the animated movies .

Opening :

Everlasting Luv - 26th opening
Miss Mystery - 33rd opening
WE GO - 40th ending
Ikusen no Meikyuu de Ikusen no Nazo wo Toite - 43rd ending

Ending :

Hikari - 34th ending
Tsukiyo no Itazura no Mahou - 38th ending
Overwrite - 42nd ending
Yume Monogatari - 54th ending

Lastly , Excite Music did up a list on which were the most popular Detective Conan used songs for opening , theme & movie promo used and this's based on the number of times that the songs were played on YouTube .

For BREAKERZ's case , Miss Mystery is ranked as the 3rd most popular opening theme song used for Detective Conan anime .


Frankly to see Miss Mystery on the list , I'm quite surprised . I remembered a lot of people really disliked the song years ago when it was released :s

And I'm also surprised that Everlasting Luv didn't made the cut either as it's still a fan favourite of the guys years after it was released & somemore that was released alongside with BAMBINO ~Bambino~ on DAIGO's then 31st birthday .

I also thought any of the 4 songs the guys provided as ending theme would be included in the popularity poll but alas no such luck on that :x
Karen Pang
Tomorrow's Tensai ! Shimura Dobusten 3 hours special episode will feature DAIGO




Tomorrow's Tensai ! Shimura Dobusten episode broadcast is to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the show .

For DAIGO's segment , it will feature him heading to Kanagawa's Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park where he will reunite with PenPen the penguin for the 1st time in 11 years , damn :O
Karen Pang
SHINPEI wrote that recording is currently done late into the night :



I think this means the guys are laying the groundwork for their 20th single .

That said , real psyched about it as it's about time for new BREAKERZ material anyway !
Karen Pang
Styled by none other than the guys' long time stylist mizzy :

mizzy's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BwCOzwBFbru/