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Karen Pang


Since 6th Aug 2010 , I've posted news updates of BREAKERZ via my LJ & in the process , from humble beginnings , my LJ has become a 1 stop place when comes to anything everything related to BREAKERZ .

In the past , everything I post about the guys be it news , download of their music & scans were all locked but after my 1st Mediafire account been suspended , from now onwards , I'm going to post news about them in a non Friends setting aka viewable for everyone to read , regardless if you add me or didn't .

However , certain selective posts will be locked such as team brz related updates , scans of material & etc .

In addition , regarding downloadable material of them (be it scans , music , videos & etc) , I will not be posting the links on my LJ now as I suspect because of doing this , leechers repost those links of mine to other places which caused my Mediafire account to get suspended .

So what I will do for this , for future downloadable material , I will upload them via Sendspace but the catch's that , I will be personally giving the links to people that I feel I'm able to trust . I've already done that for HQ scans so it's kind of a natural step for me to do this .

I thought by password protecting my files , I was able to get away with things but I was so wrong & I don't want to come to a situation where I stopped posting updates of BREAKERZ as this has been something I enjoy doing for the past 3 years or so .

But regardless of which , stick around , you will be in for a really fun joyride & when comes to BREAKERZ , anything goes seriously xD

UPDATE - 8th May 2013

All scans will be made Public now , with the catch that all scans I personally done/edit/resize/upload in my LJ , they will all contain watermarks .

However certain material such as team brz related stuff , will continue to be locked as per normal .


UPDATE - 28th July 2013

My only main rule when comes to reposting of my own scans elsewhere on the net :

Please kindly CREDIT me should you wish to distribute the scans elsewhere on the internet . Some ungrateful people at times have absolutely no idea how much time if not effort I have to spend to get the scans done/edit/watermarked/uploaded in my LiveJournal .

Even if that's not done , all the scans are watermarked by me to indicate to any internet passerby that I'm the 1 that did the following set of scans at the end of the day .

UPDATE - 5th December 2015

LiveJournal doesn't allow me to create anymore tags as I've reached the 1,200 limit that they've set ahahaha xD

But I will still continue to update my LiveJournal as it's , tagless or not x)
Karen Pang
In the 2nd week of release , D×D×D / GREAT AMBITIOUS -Single Version- now stands at #74 & sold 735 copies .

1st week sales/ranking - #12 ; 10,464
2nd week sales/ranking - #74 ; 735

Total 2 weeks sales - 11,199

Karen Pang

Musing announces that they are already accepting balloting of concert tickets for MUSCLE ATTACK 5th Anniversary LIVE .

In this case , preorders of concert tickets has started today (19th March) ; 6pm Japan time until 26th March (Mon) ; 11.59pm Japan time .

Unlike past Musing ticket balloting , this time round the maximum number of tickets each interested buyer are different :

MUSCLE ATTACK 5th Anniversary LIVE -Day1- & -Day2- - 4 tickets each

Ticket prices for all 3 cost 4,500 Yen each .

Karen Pang
The 10th broadcast of SHINPEI's BREAKERZ・SHINPEI no Kin Niku no Midare wa Kokoro no Midare! radio show took place this afternoon .

17時〜 FMおだわら BREAKERZ SHINPEIの「筋肉の乱れは心の乱れ!」


Karen Pang
Last update - 19th March

From Twitter




All YouTube clips are uploaded via Ohta's Isan A Tablet YouTube account .

This's DAIGO's 3rd CM he shot for Ohta's Isan A Tablet .

15 seconds



30 seconds


Special movie with Ohtainyan which's the company's mascot for Ohta's Isan


Making of footages with Ohtainyan



From DAIGO's Twitter










Karen Pang








Today was the last time DAIGO appeared live on TBS's Hiruobi! & he had been appearing on Hiruobi! once every Fri per month for the last 6 1/2 years :O

Hopefully DAIGO will not stop posting glasses wearing photos of himself online cos the style suits him , at least he looks smart wearing them but I digress haha x)
Karen Pang
AKIHIDE & other guitarists will be performing at Legend Guitarist vol.3 ~Reunion~ .

Legend Guitarist vol.3 ~Reunion~ will be taking place on 31st May at Tokyo's Zepp DiverCity .

Legend Guitarist vol.3 ~Reunion~
31st May 2018 (Thurs)
Doors open : 5.30pm / Concert starts : 6.30pm (Both timings are in Japan time)
Venue : Tokyo's Zepp DiverCity
Performers : AKIHIDE (BREAKERZ) / KOJI (ex.ALvino , La’cryma Christi) / Leda (Far East Dizain) / RENO / you (Janne Da Arc)
Ticket cost : ¥7,000 (tax included) ; it will be a seated concert

※ Pre preschoolers are not allowed to attend the concert
※ Separate fee is required to pay for a drink

Karen Pang
The DxDxD outfits the guys wore in the covers & PV will be displayed inside the Dame Pri Store in HARAJUKU pop up store from tomorrow until 8th April which's the last day when the store is opened .

Photography is allowed but management requests that photos are not allowed to be posted online , that goes for touching the outfits inside the store too .

Karen Pang
DAIGO's new CM (his 3rd overall) for Ohta's Isan A Tablet will be aired tomorrow onwards .

Stills from the new Ohta's Isan A Tablet CM :

Karen Pang
A Vanguard production presentation event happened yesterday & this Twitter user managed to record partial footages when DAIGO appeared at the event as part of a video commentary clip


As usual DAIGO was being DAIGO , again +_+
Karen Pang
This happened last Sun on the last D×D×D/GREAT AMBITIOUS -Single Version- release event which took place at Tokyo's Akishima Mori Town MOVIX Zen Garden Stage



Better late than never :)
Karen Pang
14 March 2018 @ 11:00 pm
Air handshake courtesy of DAIGO









A delicious meatloaf food recipe SHINPEI shared on his Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/p/BgSkH9ghMou/
Karen Pang
AKIHIDE will be doing a solo birthday concert AKIHIDE MUSIC THEATER Electric Wonderland that will take place on 5th July which's his 41st birthday .

Alongside with a special site accompanying the announcement of AKIHIDE's impending 6th solo album Kikai Shikake no Yuenchi -Electric Wonderland- , a standalone special site for AKIHIDE MUSIC THEATER Electric Wonderland was also launched as well (which's accompanied by a rather upbeat sounding melody played on loop within the website)


Date : 5th July 2018 (Thurs) {on AKIHIDE's 41st birthday}
Doors open : 5.30pm / Concert starts : 7pm (both timings are in Japan time)
Location : Tokyo's Mynavi BLITZ AKASAKA
Ticket cost : ¥6,800 (tax included) ; it will be a seated concert
※ Pre preschoolers are not allowed to attend the concert
※ Separate fee is required to pay for a drink

Mynavi BLITZ AKASAKA used to be known as Akasaka Blitz before it underwent a name change .

BREAKERZ & AKIHIDE used to perform at the venue frequently & AKIHIDE 1st Live Tour 2013 “Amber" took place 5 years ago during AKIHIDE's then 36th birthday as well .
Karen Pang
Today it was announced that AKIHIDE will release his 6th solo album 機械仕掛けの遊園地 -Electric Wonderland- on 20th June .

Kikai Shikake no Yuenchi -Electric Wonderland- will be AKIHIDE's 1st solo album since 2016's Furusato .

For now there's no word if Kikai Shikake no Yuenchi -Electric Wonderland- will be a full instrumental album and/or if AKIHIDE will be singing on it .

There's also no mention of how many versions of Kikai Shikake no Yuenchi -Electric Wonderland- will be released as well .

In addition , a special sub website for AKIHIDE's new album was also launched today too

An animated clock is found on the special website counting down to the days prior to the release of Kikai Shikake no Yuenchi -Electric Wonderland- alongside with a rather creepy sounding instrumental melody played on loop within the website

The special website also has 6 option boxes & so far only 1 has been revealed


It's about high time for AKIHIDE to release a new solo album & seeing that he mentioned about this on his blog in late Jan (http://blog.livedoor.jp/akihidelife/archives/52200058.html) & also during AKIHIDE SEASON LIVE -Winter- Shira Yuki no Hammock in the MC portions of both concert dates , it's not surprising .

I wonder what will be the songs that will make the cut in Kikai Shikake no Yuenchi -Electric Wonderland- & so far here's a list of songs that AKIHIDE has performed during his past concerts/tours but they haven't made the cut in a CD yet :

- Planetarium
- Wanderland
- Tanpopo
- Buriki no Hana
- Asagao no March
- Suna no Umi
- Lullaby

It's not so much for me to request AKIHIDE to sing again right ? D: :3