Karen Pang (minlilin) wrote,
Karen Pang

Special interview published on AKIHIDE's Hoshikai no Shounen - Chapter 1

At long last , AKIHIDE's Hoshikai no Shounen will be released next Wed !

To celebrate the album's impending release , Being today released a special interview pertaining to Hoshikai no Shounen and the interview will have 3 chapters .

Today's Chapter 1 of the interview released by Being , inclusive of 3 photos :

AKIHIDE performed with bassist Sunapanng during AKIHIDE “SOLO” LIVE NAKED MOON -Hadaka no Tsuki- at Tokyo's Hachioji Match Vox :

Behind the scenes creation of previous solo album Kikai Jikake no Yuenchi -Electric Wonderland- :

Jacket shooting of Hoshikai no Shounen :


Chapters 2 & 3 of the special interview will be released subsequently in due time .
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