Karen Pang (minlilin) wrote,
Karen Pang

Special interview published on AKIHIDE's Hoshikai no Shounen - Chapter 2

At long last , AKIHIDE's Hoshikai no Shounen is released officially today .

Last week , Being released a special interview pertaining to Hoshikai no Shounen and the interview will have 3 chapters .

Chapter 1 of the interview was released last Wed (https://minlilin.livejournal.com/2618042.html) and today , it's Chapter 2 .

For Chapter 2 , 3 photos are included , inclusive of 1 that already had been uploaded last month (https://minlilin.livejournal.com/2595628.html) .

The other 2 photos :

Behind the scenes creation of Hoshikai no Shounen album covers

Creation of the red guitar that AKIHIDE uses in both the Hoshikai no Shounen album covers & short promotion movie


Chapter 3 of the special interview will be released subsequently in due time .
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