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Karen Pang
10 January
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My 1st love's music & I support an artiste for who they're & not what they're . I'm a big fan of Rock music but I also listen to Pop/Rock , Classical Crossover , R&B , Soul , Jazz , Enka etc

3 words to describe myself - cold , emotionless & sadistic . People said that I'm a nice person but I beg to differ as I'm not in real life .

I'm a big diehard fan of JRock trio BREAKERZ & am probably their biggest if not most loyal fan in Singapore ! Thanks to MTV Taiwan for playing their debut single SUMMER PARTY on heavy rotation way back in July 2008 , which sparked my interest in them & since then the rest's history & for the record NO they're not a Johnny's band , they're signed under ZAIN Records but their music kick some serious ass .

It does help all 3 of them are Ikeman hotness material ♥

I basically like all 3 of them for the different type of traits that they have & roles they assumed in the group & they never fail to amaze me just how talented/great they're (they do everything from writing to composing their own works which's a big plus to me) but at the same time , the way that they behave in making offshot clips of their PVs prove to me that they're really kids at heart & there're always plenty of ♥ between them & I like it that they don't take themselves seriously offstage but onstage , they rather let their music speak for themselves :D

Like how many other bands you know that a guitarist's always getting straddled by the other members in the group among other fanservice moments & epic fail antics that they have engaged with each other over & over again 8D (no thanks to frontman DAIGO who's always doing 'stuff' to the other 2 & he himself said on Hanamaru Cafe that onstage he's a DoS but in real life he's a complete DoM)

A group who proclaimed that they're DoM's (with DAIGO being a complete DoM who always the one tormenting the other 2 left & right xD) , what's there not to love ?

Also , contrary to my very outmost loyalty/dedication to BREAKERZ , I also listen to a wide range of other JPop/Rock artistes on a daily basis to prevent myself from getting myself bored . There's just so much variety going on in music , why stick to 1 when you have many flavours to choose from ?

My JPop music journey started in late 2006 . It didn't become a full blown thing til 2008 (at that time I decided to once & for all boycott & leave my days behind in supporting the local music scene in Singapore as I couldn't tolerate anymore 'politics' & the fact that I found a lot of bands real arrogant/ignorant didn't helped matters too) & it's actually though the Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai forums that I found other great acts to listen to , be it from recommendations of people or though myself & no surprises that the 1st JPop artiste that I listened to was ayumi herself & since then I have never look back in my JPop music journey .

She's someone that I respect a lot & she has come a long way since her 1998 debut single poker face & whether you like her or not , you can't deny the fact that she has shaped up & changed the Japan music scene (be it musically & then some) from the time she debuted til now & for her to be still going strong at this point in time with regards to her music career , it's no joke at all & hats off to her .

I always am full of opinions on practically anything under the sun & don't give crap to people who have huge big egos & I love music so much so that I have a music blog @ http://www.karenpang.blogspot.com where I tried to update daily & on there you tend to find blog entries of mine in which I penned that's all about jpop & that I tried to keep things as professional as I can , as compared to on here where anything goes , from fangirling to talking about the paranormal world & all .

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